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The Earth is [not yet] a world


“…I was stopped inside my mind, as though my own mind now gave evidence of its own mysterious center on the mere surface of which I had been living my little life.

In that moment I also felt that I myself was a world. An unknown world…

…The Earth – the Earth upon which we lived was a great world! And we were part of that unknown world! And we ourselves were also a world!

Yes … yes. But: I was not yet a unity; on the contrary. And – was the Earth itself the world that it was meant to be if I, we human beings, were ourselves ridden with disunity and fragmentation? I am not yet a world, therefore the Earth cannot yet be the world it was created to be!”

– Jacob Needleman, An Unknown World: Notes on the Meaning of the Earth



“You need to start now…”

This truth –> you are the earth and the earth is you <– must sing in your very sinews. It is not a prayer, or an invocation, or a poem. It is a marrow-borne memory and the source of your strength. The very strength that will help you change.

A great article. You can read it here.