Have ants mastered telepathy?

I was reading a science paper abstract from the Smithsonian about ant farming this morning that rather delighted me:


Ant agricultural revolution began 30 million years ago in dry, desert-like climate

World’s first sustainable, industrial-scale agriculture began when crops became dependent on their ant farmers

However what really puzzled me was this section:

Just as humans living in a dry or temperate climate might raise tropical plants in a greenhouse, agricultural ants carefully maintain the humidity within their fungal gardens. “If things are getting a little too dry, the ants go out and get water and they add it,” Schultz said. “If they’re too wet, they do the opposite.” So even when conditions above the surface become inhospitable, fungi can thrive inside the underground, climate-controlled chambers of an agricultural ant colony.

Who decides that the humidity needs to be modified??? How do they even know? Unless they’ve been hiding things from us all these years, they don’t use fancy gadgets to measure the humidity. And how are these decisions communicated without language?

Or does the appropriate part of the ant colony just somehow know that this needs to be attended to?

How did they learn all this? And how is this knowledge passed on to their descendants?

Which leads to my next question: Are ants a higher form of life than we are? How do we get to arrive at this level of intrinsic intelligence without external technological crutches?



2 thoughts on “Have ants mastered telepathy?

  1. wolfegeo

    Oh Elfe there is so much about this world and it’s creatures that we don’t understand. We humans give ourselves credit for so much more than is due our humble status in the universe. So many humans feel the world, oh even the great universe, revolves around them and exists only for their exploitation. The ants have much to teach us. …now where’s my soil probe?



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