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What do bumblebees do when they’re burnt out?

Sometimes bumblebees are just so bone tired they haven’t got the energy to return to the nest at night. You probably know the feeling.

What do these exhausted bumblebees do to recharge? They bury their faces in a flower.


If you go out in the early evening you may see one, clinging motionless to a flower. In the early morning it’ll still be there but as the sun’s rays slowly warms it, the bumblebee gradually comes to life again. I’ve gone out after a hard frost and breathed gently on a frozen bumblebee to be rewarded by seeing it gradually regain consciousness.

It’s also how some bumblebees choose to go, when they’ve reached the end of their lifespan: face buried in a flower, breathing in the sweet scents of nectar and pollen and slipping off gently to sleep.