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The Intelligence of Nature


The more closely you observe nature the more sharply you become aware of the dazzling intelligence that underlies all life, constantly creating anew. Every one of humanity’s great discoveries are mere iterations of processes that have worked out in nature long before. Compared with nature’s intelligence we are blind, deaf and dumb.

I go outside into the garden, the summer breeze warm on my face. Fragments of scent, snatches of sound, fading in and out. Yet underneath it all lies a deep stillness that brings an awareness of fullness somehow, a state of being that needs nothing to be added to it to be complete. It is the same stillness – and sense of completeness – one feels on a still night, gazing at the stars beyond number as they wheel across the night sky.

As I open my senses to the reality of this universe of intelligence I feel it battering softly at my temples as if it wants to gain entrance to my dull, tired brain, to seed new insights, fresh understandings that will change everything.

What would it mean to allow this intelligence into my life?

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